Chez Shibata, Shanghai (柴田西点)


I visited this place on a Saturday afternoon and the place was packed with dine-in customers。 Although it was already 4pm, the display cabinet was still kept quite full. I am guessing Chez Shibata receives quite a lot of orders in addition to their walk-in customers as there were at least 6 staffs in the kitchen.

I ordered two of their best selling items during my visit: Venus cake & Salted caramel eclair.

CBS Lightning Puff (Salted Caramel Eclair) – CBS 闪电泡芙



This eclair was their second best seller. It had an interesting name: CBS Lightning Puff – the acronym CBS was the abbreviation of “C”aramel, “B”utter, and “S”alt.

The construction of the eclair was quite unique as there were three small cubes of butter placed on top of the eclair, sprinkled with some sea salt. It was visually interesting but I would have preferred the butter and sea salt to be distributed evenly throughout the eclair in order to maintain the taste consistency.

The combination of the caramel cream, the cube of butter and the sea salt was quite good. However, in the sections where there was just the cream alone, although it still tasted nice with the caramel flavour with a hint of saltiness, the flavour just wasn’t strong enough for my liking.

As for the choux pastry, I think it may have been left out for a bit too long since it had quite a soggy texture.

Venus Cake – 女神



I can definitely see why the Venus cake is their best-selling cake. Unlike a lot of the gateaux that I have tried in Shanghai, Venus has five layers and it made the eating experience really enjoyable. It is framed in a 70% Araguani dark chocolate mousse and had a vanilla mousse centre, a layer of sponge and a small soaked cherry. Lastly, the cake had a crispy base made out of chocolate pearls.

Every layer was distinctive yet harmonious and when all five layers were eaten together, I was brought back to Melbourne where cakes of this quality was more accessible. This was definitely the best gateaux I have had during my time here in Shanghai, and I hope to find more before I leave!

Overall, Chez Shibata is one of the better patisseries that I have visited and I will definitely revisit if I get a chance.

Chez Shibata 柴田西点(紫云西路店)

24 Zi Yun (West) Road
Changning, Shanghai



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