The Sweet Spot, Beijing

Prior to my recent trip to Beijing, I asked around for patisserie recommendations that I should visit and one of them was The Sweet Spot (by China World). I made some quick Google searches to set myself some expectations. Judging from the comments and the photos of the products posted by their customers, it seemed to have a more “Chinese/Asian” vibe than the French/Western feel that I was hoping to find in the recommendations that I was given.

I visited on a Monday afternoon around lunch time and there was a small corporate lunch crowd buying sandwiches, cakes and other light snacks. The display cases they had were mainly filled with whole cakes (and the corresponding slices), which were predominantly mousse cakes and cheesecakes. Then there was the display case filled with their best sellers: Cream Horns in all sorts of flavours.

After some brief interaction with the sales assistants, I decided to try their best selling “Original cream horn” and “blueberry cheesecake”.



Original Cream Horn

The size of this pastry was quite substantial. Upon my first bite, I quite liked it – the pastry reminded me of those butterfly pastries we get at normal bakeries, and the cream filling was quite light and it wasn’t too sweet. The first few bites were honestly quite good. However, despite the lightness of the cream, after the first four or so bites, it started to become slightly overpowering – perhaps this was due to the size of the pastry more than anything.


ImageBlueberry Cheesecake

This was definitely a let down, given they it was meant to be their best selling flavour. Granted, the sales person did tell me straight up that it is the cream horns that are popular, and that their cakes are just average. However, given that 2 out of 3 display cases were filled with cakes, I insisted on a recommendation and she gave me this.

As a normal cheesecake, it passed. It was quite creamy yet not too rich, but it could do with proper blueberries topping. I felt like I was eating a plain cheesecake with a side of fresh berries.

Overall, the Sweet Spot was quite a pleasant experience. I would probably drop by for a cream horn if I was around the area again, but will steer clear of the cakes.

The Sweet Spot (by China World) - 国贸一期店
EB118, Basement 1 China World Mall Zone 1
1 Guo Mao Jian Guo Men Wai Da Jie

(010)6505 0885



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