Besyo, Shanghai (柏诗悠)

I was around Tianzifang a couple of weekends ago and remembered that Besyo was within walking distance, so I decided to try this place out since it had quite a high rating on Dianping (online reviews app). We arrived at around 4pm on a Sunday and we had to wait for 10 minutes for a table since it was packed with dine-in customers.

Besyo from the outside

Besyo from the outside

Decor: surrounded by blocks of "chocolates"

Decor: surrounded by blocks of “chocolates”

As you can see from the pictures above, the decor of Besyo is chocolate themed. The exterior of the shop was covered in ‘white chocolate blocks’ whereas the interior ceiling and counter was decorated with ‘dark chocolate blocks’. While I was in the shop, I felt as if I was in a chocolate factory waiting for my golden ticket :p

Giant choux swans

Giant choux swans

In the middle of the shop, they also had some pastry items on display, and 2 massive choux swans next to a chocolate fountain. I wonder if the chocolate swans tasted any good? 🙂

After perusing the display case and a short conversation with the sales staff, I decided to try one of their best sellers, the double cheesecake in original, since it was said to be the least sweet amongst all the flavours. I also ordered an opera because I am on a hunt for good opera cakes! (Haven’t been able to find a good one on retail ever since tasting a heavenly slice of Opera at the Petit Fours class at Savour!!)

Original double cheesecake

Original double cheesecake

I quite liked this cheesecake. It had two layers of vanilla flavoured cheesecake, the top layer was the lighter variety which reminded me of the typical mousse-like cheesecake that is very popular in Asian bakeries. This was well balanced by the richer, more dominant bottom layer.

Opera cake

Opera cake

Although slightly better than some other opera cake that I have tried here in Shanghai, I was still quite disappointed with this cake. I was expecting the coffee flavour to be more prominent, but all I really could taste was sweet chocolate. The ganache layers were also quite dry and hard, probably because the cake has been displayed in the chiller for too long, or maybe there wasn’t any glucose included to keep the ganache moist.


I do crave for a light cheesecake once in a while, so I might come back and try out the green tea or strawberry flavours next time, but I will probably steer clear of the opera from Besyo.


Besyo (柏诗悠)

111 Sinan Road, Luwan District, Shanghai


5 thoughts on “Besyo, Shanghai (柏诗悠)

  1. If there’s a Cordon Bleu with café somewhere you can get to, they’ll serve you a good Opéra. I also end up disappointed with this cake in at least 9/10 but I’ve had it so many times now that I learnt my lesson a long time ago. In my experience, I find a lot of places rely too heavily on the espresso side.

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