Personal: May Ling Chen (1990-now)

* Please guys: I am educated (Monash University) in so many ways – official education & life education that is the society. But I also like to joke (Robin Williams reference) – so before you decide to send me a personal Whatsapp, Wechat, Facebook, Instagram, WordPress and Gmail message, step back & imagine yourself in my position or click on my disclaimer if you must. I say personal because obviously, if I gave you my private contact details, I have higher expectation from you than say, strangers/anonymous Internet users, to understand me just a little more. That said: if you are just having a bad day, imagine me saying this in the happiest tone you can ever imagine from a person working in retail. 

My motto now: seize the day; carpe diem; yolo – whatever floats your boat guys, just don’t do anything silly. 

So, this is how I like to categorise my life so far (because I am ONLY 23 guys, not even 24!) in my brain (Mayo Clinic – How Brain Works) :

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General: The definition of “Petite Patissiere”

I have been reading blogs, watching YouTube, been on the Internet scene pretty much since 2004 (late bloomer in terms of my cohort, but as a result, I pretty much know a bit of everything). 

If I ever use a term that you don’t fully understand, it’s probably because I wrote it intending for some other people to understand (e.g. Friendster, Xanga, Possibility vs. Probability)…

Don’t forget – yes, this is a public website, but I am also one of the Internet Users struggling also to keep up with all the privacy settings of everything, but I have been ‘in this’ for long enough to know how to protect my loved ones. 

I will keep adding disclaimer as I go, not because I feel like I need to explain, but because I come back to my public page (not from WP admin view) once in a while for editing purposes, and also for self-reminder. 

Generally though, I am learning as I go (in life, in WP, in Facebook…) so, at this very moment, this is what I have finally decided to do with “Petite Patissiere”

  1. I will still talk about my “learning”, “making”, and “tasting”, because obviously, you’ve still got to eat. 
  2. I will add in another section: “dealing with life” – I will update this when I have the time to, on dealing with whatever that I personally have seen so far. Everything I write on this website is purely anecdotal unless otherwise stated. I will not share anything that is not ‘created’ by myself. I will simply, link you… 

That’s all for now, everyone (and May Ling). 🙂 

Personal: About me

*This post really reflects my thinking process. I am not planning to edit it. I owe it to no one. If you even remotely “care” about me, please, do me a favour, read this/skim this/scroll through this… because there are a lot of things that I would like to achieve and try from now on, life is seriously way to short to be wasted on people you don’t love, things you don’t love… and anything else you don’t love. I may or may not delete this down the track, but for now, I will leave this up until the end of this week. 

I am really new to this whole public/online persona thing, I am not in this for the money, the sponsorship, (or the equivalent)… I am in this because I feel that I need to find likeminded peers, whether in Melbourne, or anywhere else in the world. I usually edit my posts on this website to the best of my abilities before I hit (or even after I hit) publish, therefore I may sound more articulate in my past (and future posts – if you’re reading this sometime in the future) posts on this website. I don’t owe anyone, and I mean anyone but my closest family (which includes blood family, and my chosen familyany explanation. But I feel that, in what I am trying to do, at this stage of my life, I need to make this post, as it will enable me to just link it to anyone who asks me questions about myself, and I simply do not have that much time in my current schedule …. to give you a long winded explanation about my background. 

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Quick post: Sorry!

Hello my lovely readers, I just wanted to make a quick post explaining my recent hiatus from my regular once or twice a week posting schedule.

If you have been following me since May 2014, you would know that I was actually in Shanghai for my Chinese Language studies for 5 months. A little bit of boring background: I am actually Malaysian who’s been in Melbourne, Australia for 10 years. So you can say I have 2 homes (or had 2.5 homes if you include Shanghai).

In between May 2014 and now, I have flown from Shanghai to Malaysia, and from Malaysia to Melbourne, and it’s just been quite hectic trying to get back into the routine of… my life… in general. Given my life style in Shanghai was quite different from now, I’m just trying to find a good balance. On top of that, I am also in the process of moving out to a new place, so everything is just blending in with everything at the moment in terms of dates & days & time for me. In addition to that, I was also up in Sydney for the Sweet Street event (exciting posts ahead!), so my schedule was thrown into haywire for a bit.

There are so many things that I would like to achieve, but so little time. I will definitely try my best be back to my regular schedule again from this week onwards!

The next post lined up will be my final post on one of Shanghai’s patisseries (also one of my favourite). Hopefully that ‘final’ is only temporary, as I have very fond memories of Shanghai. It is a little bit of a (tiny) emotional moment for me to hit publish as it would signify a (temporary) end to my Shanghainese Journey!

If you are on Facebook or Instagram, please follow me! I am definitely a lot more active on those platforms as it is easier for me to sneak in a post here & there on my phone with all the craziness that’s going on in my life at the moment.


Thank you for being so patient with me! 🙂


Black Magic (贝蕾魔法), Shanghai

My boyfriend loves chocolate and he would choose a good chocolate cake over any other dessert, at any given time. So I brought him to Black Magic, which is a patisserie that only sells chocolate cakes. The cakes that they sell aren’t the dainty kind, but it’s a massive rectangular slice of chocolate cake.

Dark Chocolate Cake

Dark Chocolate Cake

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