Quick post: Sorry!

Hello my lovely readers, I just wanted to make a quick post explaining my recent hiatus from my regular once or twice a week posting schedule.

If you have been following me since May 2014, you would know that I was actually in Shanghai for my Chinese Language studies for 5 months. A little bit of boring background: I am actually Malaysian who’s been in Melbourne, Australia for 10 years. So you can say I have 2 homes (or had 2.5 homes if you include Shanghai).

In between May 2014 and now, I have flown from Shanghai to Malaysia, and from Malaysia to Melbourne, and it’s just been quite hectic trying to get back into the routine of… my life… in general. Given my life style in Shanghai was quite different from now, I’m just trying to find a good balance. On top of that, I am also in the process of moving out to a new place, so everything is just blending in with everything at the moment in terms of dates & days & time for me. In addition to that, I was also up in Sydney for the Sweet Street event (exciting posts ahead!), so my schedule was thrown into haywire for a bit.

There are so many things that I would like to achieve, but so little time. I will definitely try my best be back to my regular schedule again from this week onwards!

The next post lined up will be my final post on one of Shanghai’s patisseries (also one of my favourite). Hopefully that ‘final’ is only temporary, as I have very fond memories of Shanghai. It is a little bit of a (tiny) emotional moment for me to hit publish as it would signify a (temporary) end to my Shanghainese Journey!

If you are on Facebook or Instagram, please follow me! I am definitely a lot more active on those platforms as it is easier for me to sneak in a post here & there on my phone with all the craziness that’s going on in my life at the moment.


Thank you for being so patient with me! 🙂



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