General: The definition of “Petite Patissiere”

I have been reading blogs, watching YouTube, been on the Internet scene pretty much since 2004 (late bloomer in terms of my cohort, but as a result, I pretty much know a bit of everything). 

If I ever use a term that you don’t fully understand, it’s probably because I wrote it intending for some other people to understand (e.g. Friendster, Xanga, Possibility vs. Probability)…

Don’t forget – yes, this is a public website, but I am also one of the Internet Users struggling also to keep up with all the privacy settings of everything, but I have been ‘in this’ for long enough to know how to protect my loved ones. 

I will keep adding disclaimer as I go, not because I feel like I need to explain, but because I come back to my public page (not from WP admin view) once in a while for editing purposes, and also for self-reminder. 

Generally though, I am learning as I go (in life, in WP, in Facebook…) so, at this very moment, this is what I have finally decided to do with “Petite Patissiere”

  1. I will still talk about my “learning”, “making”, and “tasting”, because obviously, you’ve still got to eat. 
  2. I will add in another section: “dealing with life” – I will update this when I have the time to, on dealing with whatever that I personally have seen so far. Everything I write on this website is purely anecdotal unless otherwise stated. I will not share anything that is not ‘created’ by myself. I will simply, link you… 

That’s all for now, everyone (and May Ling). 🙂 


Share your thoughts! x

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