Personal: May Ling Chen (1990-now)

* Please guys: I am educated (Monash University) in so many ways – official education & life education that is the society. But I also like to joke (Robin Williams reference) – so before you decide to send me a personal Whatsapp, Wechat, Facebook, Instagram, WordPress and Gmail message, step back & imagine yourself in my position or click on my disclaimer if you must. I say personal because obviously, if I gave you my private contact details, I have higher expectation from you than say, strangers/anonymous Internet users, to understand me just a little more. That said: if you are just having a bad day, imagine me saying this in the happiest tone you can ever imagine from a person working in retail. 

My motto now: seize the day; carpe diem; yolo – whatever floats your boat guys, just don’t do anything silly. 

So, this is how I like to categorise my life so far (because I am ONLY 23 guys, not even 24!) in my brain (Mayo Clinic – How Brain Works) :

Malaysia Times

1990 – 1997: I was a baby, thinking that there was such a thing called “English People/英文人” because because my mother would always speak to me in Malaysian English due to the education system in Malaysia. Funnily enough, fast track 2005, I was called a FOB, – but, if you were more educated, did you also know FOB actually meant this in economics or even just daily life in terms of shipping/delivery? 

1997-2002: I was educated in Sin Ming (Semenyih) Primary School. I think Wiki will explain the Malaysian education system a lot better than all of us.

Life as a kid then: pretty much – wake up, study, recess, study, lunch, study, after school tutoring, homework. Sleep & eat at your own risk (of failing in the Asian standard).

RESULT?  I can read & speak & understand the following languages fluent enough to have a meaningful conversation about world affairs (and let’s face it, if people can live by Google Translate… I know what I am talking about) : Hakka, Cantonese, Mandarin (普通话),

2003-2004: I had a cultural shock when my parents decided to send me to Sri Cempaka. It was a private school, had really high standards in English and no Chinese to be seen anywhere on the curriculum. My Malay (official language of Malaysia) was probably in the 50s, English was maybe in the 60s in our quarterly exams.

Life as a kid then: pretty much – wake up, study, recess, study, lunch, study, after school tutoring, homework. Sleep & eat at your own risk (of failing in the Asian standard) – but at a higher level because we also had national exams: PMR & SPM. Luckily for me, I escaped just before PMR (2005 for me when I was 15).

GWSC Times (2005 – 2008)

This is where I experienced most of the stereotype. Just think: Glen Waverley Secondary College, Glen Waverley as a suburb, Australia as a country (geographically far from everyone & the currency being quite high for most part of my time here).

I am female, short (5 ft), Asian. Every stereotype I have encountered and I have only become stronger. I drive too if that helps. 

VCE (2008) – I got 99.2. Here are my raw scores. ESL (43), Accounting (47), Chinese SLA (39), Chemistry (38??), Methods (40) & Specialist Maths (37). So trust me when I say, I KNOW. Whether you are younger or older than me.

Monash Times (2009-2013)

This is where I experienced the most growth (not physically), as a person.

My course for 2009-2013; What I ended up graduating (in absentia) with (2013). 

2009: AFC1000 87 (HD); ECC1000 75 (D); LAW1101 68 (C); LAW2101 64 (C) – with no extra curricular activities.

2010: AFC1030 88 (HD); AFC2140 82 (HD); LAW3401 83 (HD); LAW4104 70 (D); MGC1010 83 (HD); AFC2000 77 (D); AFC2120 87 (HD); AFC2131 76 (D); ECC1100 91 (HD); LAW3402 85 (HD) – overloaded and was part of the A&F Leadership program. Did not opt to do optional assignments therefore some law units were 100% exams for me. Closed book in some. 

2011: AFC3120 80 (HD); LAW2201 81 (HD); LAW3201 77 (D); LAW3301 88 (HD); AFC3160 80 (HD); LAW2202 81 (HD); LAW3302 77 (D) ; LAW4171 70 (D) – started to be really involved in a boutique (but good) student society: I was the secretary & uncontested for President in 2012. Still part of the A&F Leadership Program. Still did not have the courage to do optional written exams. Still did not read any books until I absolutely had to because, if I can type what the lecturer essentially recites from the law books verbatim & do okay, I must be okay. Managed to secure a Vacation work position in EY Audit. 

2012: AFC3140 86 (HD); LAW4169 76 (D); LAW5104 78 (D); LAW5122 85 (HD); AFC3131 86 (HD); LAW4163 76 (D); LAW4170 82 (HD); LAW5125 70 (D) –  I was crazy in love with my student society in the Mother/Baby way; it has now changed names & logos, but there are literally people in that student society that I have seen grow as a person. I had to write 40% law assignments this year, and do 100% law exams as well. I did okay, right? Did I change my studying method? Yeah, I ‘studied’ less…. Managed to fail so hard in EY Audit except for 1 rotation where my senior was more understanding. 

2013: This is the year I lost track. But I did Evidence 506 and Administrative Law 306 – both with Gideon Boas (if you know his style….) and Both I got 85 (HD) and 83 (HD) respectively. Admin law was 100% closed book; Evidence law was 100% open book. 

Trust me guys, I cried over my decisions to: drop law, course complete commerce, and graduate in absentia. The world is too big. Just get your paper and do whatever you want, as long as you have the ability to earn money the legitimate way, you’ll be okay (I hope!).

NOW: 2014 – until I leave this world (no, I am not going to take my own life because I respect my body & loved ones)

Do I need to say more? As a result of all of the above, I can multitask, type verbatim, listen to you when I look like I am not listening. 

I know so many different languages, and my brain is constantly working even when I am sleeping, I cannot help but hear your conversations. Please, I don’t need to eavesdrop. I have better things to do. 

If you made it this far without getting offended, thank you!!!! We can be friends & talk about any of our interests 🙂 


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