Gelato Messina, Sydney

I have heard many good things about Gelato Messina prior to my visit to the one in Sydney (I’ve forgotten which outlet we visited but I’m sure the quality is consistent across the board). Other than the occasional “it is too sweet!”, all comments have been very positive so I was very keen to try it out. This is especially so after I’ve seen them appear on Masterchef Au!

Gelato Messina

Gelato Messina

They have a great and interesting concept where all the fillings of the different flavours are freshly made every day! I was very impressed as I read through their processes. It is no wonder that they are able to produce such high quality gelato!



There are a lot of different interesting flavours as well as whole gelato cakes available at the store. We decided to go for our two default favourite flavours: salted caramel and caramelised white chocolate.

Salted Caramel with White Chocolate Bits & Caramelised White Chocolate

Salted Caramel with White Chocolate Bits & Caramelised White Chocolate

To be honest, I was very sceptical before I tried these flavours because my friend who has personally been to Messina before in Melbourne told me that their flavours are catered more towards the Caucasion market where the sweetness tolerance is a lot higher than us Asians. However, the flavours I chose proved that generalisation in desserts is wrong! It is not who they are catering for, it is what flavour you choose!

Caramelised white chocolate: this was really, really, really good!! Everyone that I speak to about this either have no idea what caramelised white chocolate is, or they immediately think “ew, it’s so sweet”. WRONG! It has such an amazing caramel flavour and the sickening sweetness of white chocolate is all gone towards being a caramel!!

Salted Caramel with White Chocolate Bits: As I have mentioned before, I hate desserts that claim to be ‘salted’ but no traces of saltiness can be tasted. THIS, was THE best ice cream I have ever tasted. It was so amazingly salty, caramel-y and sweet at the same time. The white chocolate bits added the right amount of sweetness to a salty cold dessert. My best friend and I both loved this to bits and I will definitely recommend this to ANY one of my Asian family members who run away from all things ‘white chocolate’.

I will DEFINITELY visit again when I get the chance. Oh wait, there IS one in Melbourne 😛
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