Lorraine’s Patisserie, Sydney

I love cheese and all kinds of cheesecake. However, my absolute favourite type of cheesecakes are the kinds that are very light and not too rich. For example, I love Tiramisu for the lovely light mascarpone, and I love Asian cheesecakes for their airy texture. Which is why I was so excited for the Strawberry Mascarpone Cake from Lorraine’s Patisserie in Sydney.

Strawberry Mascarpone

Strawberry Mascarpone

IMG_0498This cake is the epitome of a ‘light cheesecake’. There may be cakes out there which claim to be ‘light’, but this is it, this IS light. The sponge in between is fluffy, the mascarpone cream cheese in between the cake is so airy and light. Together, sandwiching the sweet and sour strawberries make this such a refreshing treat! In addition, the crunchy caramel on the top layer along with the icing sugar just tops this all off and make this one of the best cheesecakes I’ve ever had (note: I am very partial to light desserts).

I will definitely revisit when I go back to Sydney again!
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4 thoughts on “Lorraine’s Patisserie, Sydney

  1. Ooh, this looks great, I’ll definitely put it on the list. I also like light cheesecakes as well, a heavy cheesecake is decadent but I find I can’t eat more than a couple bites of heavy cheesecake before it becomes too much.

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