Life 101: A letter to myself (Sep, 2014)

Hello May Ling,

As I am writing this letter, you are feeling a little bored, a little unmotivated and a little tired of doing what you’re doing.

That’s OK. Do you still love the industry that you’re in? Are you happier than before or if you were to be working in a corporate job? Are you happier in general? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, keep holding on.

Life is like a graph, it has ups and downs, so long we have the resilience to bounce back once in a blue moon when you’re feeling down, then that is okay. Resilience comes mainly from within, but if you need help or a little push, you have supportive family, friends and mentors that you can speak to. You may be sliding at the moment, but sliding is good, it gives you time to discover yourself and give yourself power to bounce back up. Because in life, you have to.

Please remember the following points:

1. You are young. You are not yet 24!! Life does not end or finish just because you are having a slow period, it keeps going on and you will keep going, and growing, and moving forward!

2. You literally JUST started. You went to Savour classes in November 2013 for 1 month, you went to assist Manfred in Shanghai for 1 month, and you’ve only technically started baking again back in Melbourne for about 2 months. That is 4 months in total that has lapsed in terms of baking and chocolates making. There is no miracle. You just have to keep working hard.

3. Be patient. Things don’t just happen. Chocolates don’t just unmould, macarons don’t just rise, cakes don’t just bake themselves. You need to put in the relevant time and effort in order to see things happen, MAKE things happen.

4. Be proactive and keep the passion growing. Everything fades if you’re not doing anything with it. It may still be hidden within somewhere, but it will fade if you don’t proactively try to nurture it and see it grow

5. Bring some variety to your work. You are not reporting to anyone, but that doesn’t mean that you have to make macarons all day and night if that isn’t making you happy. Fulfil your orders, but also do some chocolate work, do some cake work, do some admin work…. just do some OTHER work to bring some variety to your life.

6. Exercise. Let’s face it, part of the reason of your slide is because you are getting a bit fatter, slowly, you will become fat if you do not control what you are putting into your mouth and your physical activity. Exercise and only taste what you need in order to improve your products, do not indulge. Be active.

7. Talk to people. You don’t have to be stuck in a rut just because you don’t have colleagues. You have friends, you have family, you have like minded peers. Talk to them, get some new inspiration, get some new perspective, get some fresh ideas and most importantly, get some social interaction.

That is all, May Ling. I hope you feel better soon and good luck with the rest of your orders this week before you fly off to have a short holiday in Shanghai.

❤ Petite Patissiere


5 thoughts on “Life 101: A letter to myself (Sep, 2014)

  1. It’s like you wrote this letter to me! You’re very inspiring! When I finish culinary school this fall I hope to focus on the pastry arts as much as you do! All of your posts on Instagram are just awesome! Keep pressing on-don’t give up! This is truly an art with limited people with true passion for it.

  2. Stay strong my friend. Bare in mind that not everyone gets to do what they love to do, but you have the chance to do so. Appreciate after all and I am sure that you are enjoying every moments that you’re going through. Stay focus and success will not be far away from you. To success, just walk through all obstacles and I believe you can do it with all your laughters and passions!

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