Ananas Bar & Brasserie, Sydney

You’d think after devouring all the amazing desserts at the Shangri-La Sweet Street event, we’d head home and just rest from dessert coma. Nope, we decided to make one last stop to Ananas Bar & Brasserie for their desserts.

We ordered the Snickers dessert as well as the eclairs trio.

Snickers dessert; eclairs trio

Snickers dessert; eclairs trio

Snickers Dessert

SAM_2326 SAM_2330

I’m note sure if it was the amount of dessert we consumed during Sweet Street, or whether I’ve had too many snickers bars when I was a kid, I was slightly disappointed by the snickers dessert. The chocolate mousse within the tempered chocolate cylinder was just a bit too airy for me. However, if you like your desserts and mousses light(er than usual), then this might be for you. Everything went quite well together, the peanut butter ice cream, the nuts, the chocolates and lastly the mousse. When eaten altogether, it was quite good. I just wish it had a bit of a salt as from memory, snicker bars are slightly salty. Maybe it’s just me.

Eclairs Trio: African Chocolate, Salted Caramel and Earl Grey 


African chocolate; salted caramel; earl grey

SAM_2329These eclairs were quite nice. The African chocolate filling was rich and creamy, the earl grey filling was fragrant and my favourite was the salted caramel eclair because, I like my desserts salted (the right way).

It was quite a good experience but I think I will give it a fair go again when I have the chance. By the time my best friend and I got there, we were already quite tired and stuffed with all the desserts from Sweet Street. These were good desserts nonetheless.
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4 thoughts on “Ananas Bar & Brasserie, Sydney

  1. The mousse does look sort of light, I think it would leave me feeling a bit disappointed as well! Snickers isn’t supposed to be light. The éclairs look pretty though, especially the way they’re lined up on that plate. The Earl Grey one looks especially nice due to its color scheme [plenty of food coloring I’m guessing ;)]

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