Black Star Pastry, Sydney

You know something is good when your best friend tells you that she brought her parents there and waited for a watermelon cake during their previous trip, and still was excited to go again. So we made sure Black Star Pastry was the final stop of #SydFoodAmazingRace. We also tried their chocolate caramel tart but I apologise for the lack of review as I have lost my notes on that item.

Watermelon Cake

Watermelon Cake


I’ve never had any cake with real watermelon in it before so I was a bit apprehensive as to what it would taste like. I looked around and there were just stream of people going in and out of the cafe, buying take away, eating the cake whether on the limited seating they offered, or just on the street. That is when you know, something is good.

The watermelon and the rose scented cream cake is so light and refreshing I could eat so much of it and not feel guilty. I don’t feel the watermelon adds any flavour to the cake, but the crunch, and the juiciness, alongside some sour strawberries, a soaked sponge and some pistachios, this was just perfect.

One small tiny point to note, due to the soaked sponge, take away probably isn’t the best option (especially if you were to take a flight back to Melbourne for loved ones to share) as it made the bottom of the box quite wet. It didn’t ruin the taste though!!

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3 thoughts on “Black Star Pastry, Sydney

  1. Watermelon doesn’t really taste like anything so I’m glad to hear they seem to have opted for using it for texture, not for taste. I’ve heard so much about this cake already, would love to try it!

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