Aimé Pâtisserie, Shanghai (Take 2)

Remember this post where I wrote a bit about my purely coincidental visit to Aimé Pâtisserie in Shanghai? Well, I had the chance to revisit recently when I flew back to attend a wedding because we were around that area. I remember my previous review was quite positive with certain items but unfortunately for us, the most recent visit didn’t leave quite an impression for my boyfriend and I.

Given we tried their chocolate cakes, we thought we might give their non-chocolate variety a try and ordered the rose raspberry lychee cheesecake.


20141114_201156 20141114_201419

I didn’t like it, and I wish I didn’t revisit because now my memory of this place is scarred. Well, it wasn’t that bad but my very first comment would be ‘wow, this is too sweet and the flavour is too overpowering’. I’m not sure if I tasted any lychee but I definitely tasted a lot of rosewater. The aftertaste lingered so strongly I didn’t really enjoy it. To me, rosewater usually is a soft, subtle aftertaste.

The bottom cream cheese layer was a bit too grainy for my liking. I prefer my cheesecake to be smooth. I think the only thing that I liked about this cake was the cream top layer was nice and light. Perhaps this is a personal preference thing?

This is not to say that this is a bad patisserie, I still like it for what I tasted back in July.

Aimé Patisserie

1008 Middle Huai Hai Road, Xu Hui District (close to South Shaanxi Road)
徐汇区 淮海中路1008号(近陕西南路 襄阳公园)


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