Le Reve by Pascal Molines, Shanghai

Before our recent trip to Shanghai, my boyfriend found out that a brand new patisserie has opened in Shanghai near the Bund by Pascal Molines so we decided to check it out while we were there.

20141115_135107 20141115_135238

This is ‘Mandarine’ – made up up mandarin jelly and mascarpone cheese. This had a very subtle mandarin taste when had in conjunction with the mascarpone cheese. I wish the mandarin taste was a little stronger but I think it was overpowered by the cheese. When had by itself, the jelly had a very strong taste otherwise. Not a bad dessert but the leaf probably shouldn’t be there as we didn’t think it was edible.


20141115_140147“Subtilite”, a chocolate based mousse cake was the opposite of the Mandarine as the chocolate taste was so rich and strong. Apparently this cake is made with different cocoa beans and chocolate of varying degrees sweetness etc, but I don’t think my palate was developed enough to taste the complexity. There was also a praline layer in the middle to cut through all the richness. I would have preferred a but more crunch or texture somewhere besides the biscuit base but not a bad cake overall.

1/F, Yifeng Galleria, 88 Yuan Ming Yuan Lu.

圆明园路88号 益丰外滩源1F


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