Making: Vanilla Passion Entremet

Last year, I made a few of this “Vanilla Passion” entremet for friends and family on different occasions. This is a cake consisting of vanilla mousse, creme brulee insert and a passionfruit cream insert on top of a coconut cake. I really like the aesthetics of the end product and thought I would share it with you here 🙂


This step is my favourite, glazing the cake. Watching the glaze going on top of the cake and then dripping down to the sides is weirdly satisfying and I really enjoy doing it. The glaze is probably one of the more crucial parts in making an entremet as it affects the final look of the cake, and there is no going back! Ensuring that everything is measured correctly, especially gelatine (!), is a must as you wouldn’t want a droopy end result.

This is the end result. Lovely, shiny glaze decorated with brown and yellow chocolates & topped off with some passionfruit jelly.


I love looking at cross sections of cakes as it gives you an idea of the amount of work that went into the cake. It is very satisfying to cut up a cake, and see the clearly defined sections. And the taste? Simply divine. Light vanilla mousse and creamy creme brulee along with slightly sour passionfruit flavour makes a good, light dessert for any occasion.


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