Making: Dessert Table

I moved into a new place late last year and to celebrate, I had a house warming party and invited some friends and family over for a gathering. My mum was in charge of the savoury dishes and I took over the desserts station. I have never done a dessert table before so I stuck to what I could easily do so that I don’t stress out too much (because moving is already stressful as it is).



The final dessert table featuring some savoury macarons, a colourful macaron tower, 3 tiers of strawberry tarts, a cheese platter, some fruits and some earl grey praline.


This is my very first full sized macaron tower, featuring 4 flavours of macarons: Raspberry Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Lemon Cheese and Earl Grey. Everyone loved the macarons and the lemon cheese macarons were a crowd pleaser.


The strawberry tarts were very popular amongst my guests and everyone commented on how refreshingly light this tart was! This was just a very simple tart with a sweet pastry base, creme patissier filling and some fresh strawberries on top.

10639460_285497241642246_3882647292704551739_nThe earl grey pralines are made from the left over ganache from the earl grey chocolate macarons. This was quite a hit as well and it was all gone by the end of the night.

It was quite fun preparing a dessert table for an event like this and I would definitely like to do more in terms of what I make. Perhaps more variety? 🙂



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