Making: Valentine’s Day – Japanese Strawberry Shortcake

When I think of Valentine’s Day, I think about love hearts and all things pink. I blame the businesses and the commercialisation of this day for that. I wanted to make a cake for the boyfriend to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and with the pink theme in mind, I decided to make him a Japanese Style Strawberry Shortcake.


Japanese Strawberry Shortcake is one my favourite things to eat. It’s light, fluffy, slightly sweet and filled with juicy plump strawberries. I wanted to recreate the same beautiful cake that I’ve had in Japan for Valentine’s Day. I made the cake component the night before I had to give the cake to my boyfriend, and iced & decorated the cake on the day itself.

It was quite a simple cake to make with only 4 ingredients required for the cake component. I got the recipe from Ochikeron but I doubled hers and made 2 sponge cakes because the cake turned out to be flatter than I anticipated.


20150212_153254 For decorations, because I love strawberries, I tried to pack as many strawberries as possible into the sandwich layer. 🙂 This is so that every slice of cake will have lots of strawberries, and everyone will get to enjoy their juicy goodness.



And this is what the final product looks like! 😀



My boyfriend and I really enjoyed this cake. Although, my technique in the spongecake could be improved to make the cake fluffier… that will be for next time!


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