Life 101: 5 Things I Love about Shanghai

I lived in Shanghai for 5 months and I really enjoyed my life there. Yes, the culture there is quite different from what I am used to, so is the life style, but I had a lot of fun and learned a lot about myself and the city while I was there. If I was given a chance to go back again, I would definitely say yes without any hesitation!

Dancing on the bund

Dancing on the bund

Here are 5 things I love about Shanghai:

1. Its food. This is not just xiao long baos and the other dumplings variety, but actual Shanghainese food. The authentic Shanghainese dishes are usually slightly sweet in taste but I love it. I love the fact that rice isn’t served at the very start unlike the other Chinese cuisines, but is actually an optional addition. I love all types of Shanghainese cold dishes, especially sweet vinegar pork and Ko Fu (a type of soy bean product). Yum!

2. Its metro system. It’s so efficient. I never had to check the train times and I was always relatively on time to wherever I had to go, thanks to the Metro Shanghai App in trip planning. I’m so used to its efficiency that I now hate anything that is less efficient.

3. The shopping. I love how there are shopping centres literally everywhere. In the area where I lived, there were 2 shopping centres separated only by a 6 lanes road. This was mind blowing. Buying anything was just so convenient there and I really miss it.

4. Its beauty culture. When you get a haircut anywhere else in the world, it’s just a haircut. But when you get a haircut in Shanghai, even if the price is lower than home, you get the whole package. Your neck and shoulders get massaged, your arms get massaged, you get a nice hair cut and a blowdry and the whole experience is just awesome!

5. The online shopping. I’ve written about this before and I will say it again, I love the online shopping experience in Shanghai. Being the metropolitan that it is, the whole experience is just so advanced that literally anything you can think of can be bought online. It is that good.

These are only 5 of the many reasons I love Shanghai, but I think they’re enough to tempt me to book tickets and visit the place again soon. What do you love about your (or any) city?


2 thoughts on “Life 101: 5 Things I Love about Shanghai

  1. I completely agree on all 5 of your reasons! I am currently staying in Shanghai for several months and am loving it! I know that I will definitely miss this city. Like you said THE FOOD – cheap and delicious (oh, the xiao long baos1).

    You also made a really good point about the beauty culture. I haven’t thought about it before until now. Even when it comes to buying makeup products, they’re always giving us lots of new samples!

    And as for online shopping – totally agree! I bought a phone Sunday night on and got it in the mail the morning after! It was great!

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