Making: Strawberry Tarts

I love strawberries and that is no secret. I also love tarts so when I wanted to make tarts, it was only natural to make some strawberry tarts to satisfy my cravings. This tart was made of a sweet pastry base, some yummy creme patissier and some juicy, plump strawberries.


I made the tart shells and the creme patissier the night before. The tart shells were not difficult to make, but I had to have a lot of patience waiting for the tart dough to rest in the fridge and then rolling them individually to fit in each tart rings. It was all worth it though because the tart shells were short and nice. The creme patissier had a nice vanilla flavour to it and I loved it.


I may have been a little stingy with the pastry cream


The strawberries were quartered and placed onto the tarts just before serving to ensure the freshness of them. Everyone who had the tarts really enjoyed it and all commented on the perfect tart shells as well as the delicious creme patissier. I would gladly make this again for any occasion as this is truly a perfect dessert to me.




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