Making: Macarons

I love making macarons. Yes, they are temperamental and sometimes unpredictable depending on the time of the month (jks), but I love a good challenge once in a while so I like tackling a good macaron recipe every now and then.


Macarons are not hard to make once you’ve mastered the basics. I prefer the Italian meringue method because it gives you a more stable macaron and it is easier for the less skilled (i.e. me). I have tried the French method before but have failed miserably in macaronage.


It’s okay, you only need one trusty recipe to make beautiful macarons. There are a few flavours which I love and make all the time: salted caramel, raspberry chocolate, lemon cheese and earl grey chocolate. I love making and eating these flavoured macarons.

Earl Grey Chocolate

Earl Grey Chocolate

Lemon Cheese

Lemon Cheese

Salted Caramel

Salted Caramel

Raspberry Chocolate

Raspberry Chocolate

Another thing about macarons is that they’re so photogenic. You put a few of them together, whether monochrome or with a variety of colours, they will look good in pictures. What’s not to love about these temperamental babies who are equally yummy and photogenic?



3 thoughts on “Making: Macarons

  1. It’s been a while since the last time I made macaroons. But this post makes me wanna try again! I love making macaroons too! ♥
    Yours are really pretty, bravo 😀
    I also tend to prefer the italian meringue recipe, for the same reason as yours haha
    Have a nice day!

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