Life 101: 5 Live Healthy Goals

Hello everyone! Today I would like to talk about my goals in living healthier. As you all would probably know by now, I love to eat, especially pastries and chocolates. So it isn’t exactly the easiest thing to live healthy that way.

I know it isn’t about cutting out all things sweet but about portion control, but it is just so hard to do so! I attempted a “no sugar on alternate days February” and it didn’t exactly go that well. There were so many cheat days!

Being someone who loves making and eating these treats, it is hard to resist and sometimes control what I consume. So I thought maybe I should set some “live healthier” goals.

1. Exercise 3-4 times a week. I wanted to say exercise everyday, but that seems a bit overambitious as I would probably need some rest days. This exercising everyday thing doesn’t have to happen in the gym or group classes, it could be some Blogilates, swimming or walking exercises. Hopefully I won’t be too tired from standing the whole day at work to accomplish this.

2. Eat healthier. Now that I am cooking for myself, this goal is easier to achieve. I need to steer clear of processed and junk foods. Preferably eating lots of vegetables, fruits and complex carbs.

3. Portion control on desserts. There is absolutely no pressure in finishing the entire cake in one go. I could always take away the left overs and not finish everything in one sitting.

4. Bake and eat baked goods healthily. Try to bake recipes that are relatively healthier. Give away baked goods to neighbours or colleagues and not finish everything by ourselves. Use less sugar and butter.

5. Snack healthily. Choose nuts and fruits over ice creams, chocolates and cakes.

I want to stick to these goals for at least 1 month to see how I go, hopefully I’ll be able to do it for longer! Wish me luck!


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