Kki Sweets, Singapore

I was researching on patisseries to visit in Singapore and came across Kki Sweets. Its name Kki means ‘Cake’ in Japanese, such a cute name! You pronounce it as K-Ki. This patisserie is located in SOTA (School of the Arts) on Orchard Road near Dhoby Ghaut MRT station so it was a relatively easy place to find.


This had a white chocolate mousse with a mango filling. The mousse was extremely light and had a nice white chocolate flavour which wasn’t too sweet. The sweet fragrant mango filling complemented the white chocolate mousse very well. This cake was nice and very smooth, the mousse melted in my mouth as it was airy light. Although I wish there was more mango filling, this was still an excellent cake.




Little red riding hood

A dark chocolate mousse with a raspberry filling. The dark chocolate mousse was extremely smooth, perfectly dark and rich. At the same time, it was very light as well which was amazing. The raspberry filling added some sour, fruity flavour to the cake which was very pleasant. Overall, a great chocolate cake.



This cake had a champagne mousse with a white peach filling. Again, as with Antoinette, this was yet another light, airy mousse which was very smooth as well. The flavours were very light and I could taste the subtle white peach flavour. However, I couldn’t taste any champagne at all. This was my least favourite out of the three cakes I tried.



Consistent with its Japanese cakes theme, the cakes here were not as complex in terms of texture as the cakes in Antoinette, but were probably more suited to our asian palate as it was not too rich. I love Kki Sweets!


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