Happy 1st Birthday to Petite Patissiere!


Hello everyone! PetitePatissiere.com turns one today! I can’t believe I’ve been blogging on this site for one year already! So much has happened since I started this journey.

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Life 101: How I Dealt With Bipolar Disorder

I was diagnosed with severe depression in June/July 2013, and bipolar disorder in September 2014. Both diagnoses were similar in the sense that there is a depressed element; but with bipolar disorder, there is also a manic stage, which is the polar opposite of depression.

My behaviour and reaction in both stages were extremely different, as suggested by the term “bipolar”. It was difficult for myself and others to accept and deal with during both times.

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Tart Blanc, Singapore

I love eating tarts for their lovely combination of textures and flavours. Unlike most cakes, tarts will always have a crust therefore slight bite and texture, which makes eating them interesting and slightly more complex. I was researching for a place to visit and came across Tart Blanc, immediately I was drawn to their concept of selling solely tarts and made a visit promptly.

Banana chocolate silk tart
This tart had a lovely fragrant banana flavour from the marinated banana. The chocolate silk cream was smooth and complemented the whole flavour well. However, the tart shell a bit hard and crunchy, I would have preferred a shorter crust. The roasted banana cream on top lacked banana flavour but when had together as a whole, the tart did have a nice banana flavour.



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