Tart Blanc, Singapore

I love eating tarts for their lovely combination of textures and flavours. Unlike most cakes, tarts will always have a crust therefore slight bite and texture, which makes eating them interesting and slightly more complex. I was researching for a place to visit and came across Tart Blanc, immediately I was drawn to their concept of selling solely tarts and made a visit promptly.

Banana chocolate silk tart
This tart had a lovely fragrant banana flavour from the marinated banana. The chocolate silk cream was smooth and complemented the whole flavour well. However, the tart shell a bit hard and crunchy, I would have preferred a shorter crust. The roasted banana cream on top lacked banana flavour but when had together as a whole, the tart did have a nice banana flavour.




Blueberry lavender chocolate tart
This tart had a rich dark chocolate ganache with a subtle lavender flavour. The blueberry mousse was very smooth was slightly sour and had a nice blueberry flavour. However, although the blueberry flavour was nice, it was perhaps overpowered by the chocolate. The tart as a whole was a bit too dense due to the chocolate. In comparison, the shell of this tart was softer and more buttery.



Overall a pretty average experience. I did like the banana tart but I don’t think I will be returning anytime soon given the number of good patisseries out there in Singapore.


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