Happy 1st Birthday to Petite Patissiere!


Hello everyone! PetitePatissiere.com turns one today! I can’t believe I’ve been blogging on this site for one year already! So much has happened since I started this journey.

I was still in Shanghai when PetitePatissiere all started. The inspiration came from my volunteering experience at the Callebaut Academy Shanghai, assisting pastry chefs Kirsten Tibballs and Manfred Rindler. I learned a lot from those experiences and wanted to share snippets of it here on my website.

During the year, I studied at Fudan University, assisted in the Callebaut Academy, travelled around China (e.g. Jiu Zhai Gou), moved back to Melbourne, had a go at starting a small business, felt a little demotivatedtested out lots of recipes, made wedding favours for a wedding, and moved to Singapore. I made a lot of new friends in 2014 from my volunteering experiences and my studies in Shanghai and learned a lot about chocolates, patisseries, the Chinese culture and life in general.

Not all were sunshine and rainbows though, I also went through my fairshare of downs throughout last year, mainly due to my battle with bipolar disorder. I was down (depressed) for some time, and up (manic) for a while. During my down period, I shut myself out of any social activities and interaction; during my manic period, I was desperately reaching out to all sorts of people to get some sort of assurance that things will be okay. Although I do regret a lot of things that were said and done, I know that I’ve learned a lot about myself from that experience, and I know that the chapter is now closed.

I would like to thank all you readers for your support and sticking with me over the past year.

My goal for the following year is to post more on my experiences at different patisseries, mainly in Singapore and hopefully in different countries too. My posts are not necessarily critiques but more of me documenting my experiences.

I’d also like to share more on my adventures here in Singapore with all of you, on things I try and see.

So thank you once again for your support and I’ll be back with a new post next week!


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