Life 101: What Helped Me at My Lowest Point

You may or may not know this, but from personal experience, I know that there are better days even when you’re depressed. When I was sick, there were a few troughs during that period. I wasn’t down for the entire year but there were periods of time where it was worse than the others. During those periods, it was extremely difficult for me to do anything or maintain a positive outlook on life. It wasn’t until I was constantly pushed (in a good way) by my boyfriend and family to be positive that I started to get better.

In my case, my depression was mostly caused by the stress built up throughout my entire life leading up to the breaking point. It was due to a combination of pressure placed on myself by myself and others. In the end, I completely lost confidence in everything I did, even in things that I was good at – for example, studying.

Looking back, I feel that what helped me a lot was this piece of paper.



This isn’t any ordinary piece of paper, it was something that I found difficult to even write down at the time. My dad found an article in a Malaysian Chinese newspaper back around April/May 2014 on this matter, and the content of this piece of paper pretty much sums up the main points of the article. (At the time of writing, I could no longer find the article where these statements were from – I apologise for not being able to link you to it).

With the help of my family and boyfriend, finally I came to realise the importance of these 3 statements.

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Continuining My Homebaking Journey with an Ispahan Inspired Mousse

If you’ve been following me for a while, you probably would have noticed the lack of baking posts lately. That is due to my move to Singapore recently, which meant that I have had no access to any baking equipment or tools since then.

Fortunately, my apartment does have an oven and lately I’ve been itching to create more things at home. My profession is in the baking field but there are things that I want to do that I am not able to make at work. After careful consideration, I finally took the plunge and bought this KitchenAid (Artisan Series) in Empire Red (of course, being my favourite colour).


During the first weekend after I received my mixer, I actually had planned to make two chiffon cakes to test out 2 different recipes. Everything was going well and I was weighing up everything and getting ready for the bake, but as I went to preheat my oven, my electricity got cut off. Turns out there might be some fault with the oven and I will need to get it fixed before I can use it.

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Life 101: 5 Things that I’m Grateful for Today

Happy Monday! I woke up today feeling positive and happy so I thought I’d share this positive energy with all of you.

Things didn’t go so smoothly for me last year, especially towards the end. So now that I am feeling “normal”, and really happy again, I feel that I should document the 5 things that I am really grateful for on this blog as a reminder to myself to always be happy and positive.


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Mad About Sucre, Singapore

First up, the service at Mad about Sucre was impeccable. The staff insisted on giving us explanations on all the cakes prior to seating and ordering to ensure the best experience and informed decisions. When served, the cakes are explained again regarding the layers involved. We are then asked to eat the lightest cake first and then move on to the heaviest. The cakes at Mad about Sucre also have their sugar levels reduced by 20-60%.

Moulin Rouge



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Patisserie G, Singapore

While walking through Millenia Walk, I noticed this small little parisserie cafe that sold enticing petit gateaux. I was immediately drawn to those lovely looking cakes and couldn’t wait to try some of them out.

G Spot

This cake had an interesting name but its overall taste and texture was fairly basic. It is a simple cake done well. Within the smooth dark chocolate mousse were layers consisting of chocolate meringue and chocolate hazelnut praline, giving the cake a nice texture. There was also a lovely hint of hazelnut from the praline, complementing the chocolate flavour very well.


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