Patisserie G, Singapore

While walking through Millenia Walk, I noticed this small little parisserie cafe that sold enticing petit gateaux. I was immediately drawn to those lovely looking cakes and couldn’t wait to try some of them out.

G Spot

This cake had an interesting name but its overall taste and texture was fairly basic. It is a simple cake done well. Within the smooth dark chocolate mousse were layers consisting of chocolate meringue and chocolate hazelnut praline, giving the cake a nice texture. There was also a lovely hint of hazelnut from the praline, complementing the chocolate flavour very well.


Earl Grey Mogador
At the first bite, there was instantly a very strong cherry flavour that came through from the jam and filling. It almost overpowered the earl grey flavour, but luckily I could still taste it as a subtle aftertaste. However, I prefer my earl grey flavour stronger so the subtle hint of it was not enough for me. The mousse was smooth and there were some texture from the sponge and cherry bits. Although this was a good cake, I found that the berries and cherry flavours were a bit too tart and strong, overpowering the delicate flavour of earl grey.


Overall, I was quite pleasant with my experience at Patisserie G. Although the petit gateaux at Parisserie G did not wow me, they were simple cakes done well. I will definitely return to try their other products.


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