Mad About Sucre, Singapore

First up, the service at Mad about Sucre was impeccable. The staff insisted on giving us explanations on all the cakes prior to seating and ordering to ensure the best experience and informed decisions. When served, the cakes are explained again regarding the layers involved. We are then asked to eat the lightest cake first and then move on to the heaviest. The cakes at Mad about Sucre also have their sugar levels reduced by 20-60%.

Moulin Rouge



Moulin Rouge has layers of slightly charred caramel mousse, walnut parfait, Savore sponge and sweet short crust. This was such a fragrant mousse! The caramel flavour came through subtly in the extremely smooth and light mousse. The nut brittle on the side added a good sweet caramelised flavour and crunch to the whole experience. Although the base could be a bit thinner, I could forgive it for being so fragrant and smooth. However, my palate was not refined enough to taste the walnut flavour. I preferred this cake over the San Dominique.

San Dominique


The San Dominique had layers of 70% single origin chocolate mousse, rum jewel box, caramelised Plantain (a type of banana), vanilla cream and Brittany crunch. This was surprisingly light for a chocolate based mousse and provided a nice contrast with Moulin Rouge. The caramelised banana was fragrant and sweet and complemented the smooth chocolate mousse very well and lightened up the cake a bit. It had a lovely dark chocolate flavour, very chocolatey but not sickeningly rich.

I’ve read a lot on Mad About Sucre before I visited it. Just like the lovely staff at Mad About Sucre, I was also slightly worried that my expectations were a bit too high for this patisserie, and that they will not be met by the cakes offered there but I was not disappointed at all! I loved the cakes I tried that day and I will certainly revisit to try their other cakes!


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  1. Thanks for your love! We just came across your feedback and would like to take this long-overdue opportunity to thank you for your comments! We look forward to seeing you soon again with our current new cakes and desserts menu. Have a great week ahead!

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