Life 101: 5 Things that I’m Grateful for Today

Happy Monday! I woke up today feeling positive and happy so I thought I’d share this positive energy with all of you.

Things didn’t go so smoothly for me last year, especially towards the end. So now that I am feeling “normal”, and really happy again, I feel that I should document the 5 things that I am really grateful for on this blog as a reminder to myself to always be happy and positive.


1. I am happy again. The period in which I was down or manic, myself and the people around me weren’t very happy. Everyone was constantly worried about my wellbeing. Now that I am feeling happy again, I feel grateful that I am able to feel this way and I hope this lasts.

2. My new beginning with my boyfriend here in Singapore. I love Melbourne and I wish we could have stayed there for longer. However, there weren’t many opportunities for us there and Singapore presented itself with our opportunities so I am grateful for that.

3. I am able to pursue what I love at the moment as a career. Not everyone is lucky enough to do what they love for a living like myself, so I am grateful for that. Although this may not be what I ultimately do in the future should anything change, I am grateful for it now.

4. Having a supportive circle of friends and family. Everyone around me is supportive of me and my decisions in their own ways and I am grateful for their existence.

5. My new found cooking skills. I was very pampered (still am) when I was brought up so I never had to step foot in the kitchen to prepare a meal for myself or my family. So I am grateful that I am able to prepare healthy and delicious meals for my boyfriend and I here in Singapore.

So these are my 5 reasons to be grateful today. What are yours?


Share your thoughts! x

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