Continuining My Homebaking Journey with an Ispahan Inspired Mousse

If you’ve been following me for a while, you probably would have noticed the lack of baking posts lately. That is due to my move to Singapore recently, which meant that I have had no access to any baking equipment or tools since then.

Fortunately, my apartment does have an oven and lately I’ve been itching to create more things at home. My profession is in the baking field but there are things that I want to do that I am not able to make at work. After careful consideration, I finally took the plunge and bought this KitchenAid (Artisan Series) in Empire Red (of course, being my favourite colour).


During the first weekend after I received my mixer, I actually had planned to make two chiffon cakes to test out 2 different recipes. Everything was going well and I was weighing up everything and getting ready for the bake, but as I went to preheat my oven, my electricity got cut off. Turns out there might be some fault with the oven and I will need to get it fixed before I can use it.

Understandably (or not), I started crying because I couldn’t bake! I had all these hopes and dreams (literally) of baking at home throughout the days leading up to the weekend, and then this had to happen. So obviously I was extremely disappointed. Naturally, I started thinking of things that I could make without an oven and decided to freestyle a mousse – with no ingredients or recipe for it at 6.30pm.

After deciding that I would make a mousse, I went to buy all my ingredients and started making things at 9pm. I really love Pierre Hermé’s Ispahan for its extremely well balanced flavour of raspberry, lychee and rosewater so I thought I would do something along those lines.

What I made: White chocolate mousse with rosewater; store bought ladyfingers soaked in lychee syrup; fresh raspberries and lychee.


Meiji white chocolate was the only pure white chocolate that I could find that night.


Ladyfingers soaked in lychee syrup, raspberry and lychee.

Ladyfingers soaked in lychee syrup, raspberry and lychee.


In theory, this should work, flavour wise, because it’s been proven by the amazing Pierre Hermé but I think the end result was not as good as I had hoped. I put a little too much rose water into my mousse, resulting in a mousse that had a weird alcoholic taste and a strong rose aftertaste. However, when had together with the fruits and the sponge, it tasted…. acceptable. Still a lot of room for improvements but at the end of that night, I felt so pleased to have finally made something at home after so long, albeit it being quite average.



Lesson learned: Rosewater should provide a pleasant aftertaste so less is more.

Now that I own this little baby here in Singapore, you can expect more “making” posts from now on! I do have a lot of exciting things planned, hopefully I’ll be able to execute them well enough to show all of you. (And I hope my oven will be fixed soon!)


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