Making: Vanilla Soufflé with Chocolate Sauce

Soufflé is something that I’ve always wanted to make but never got around to doing mainly due to the perceived difficulty in making them. While I was shopping for baking supplies after my oven was fixed, I picked up 2 small ramekins intending to make soufflé one day and last Saturday night felt like the right time to do so.

Learning from my sort of failed attempt at making a gula melaka chiffon cake, I decided to make this soufflé in the ‘original’ flavour, namely – Vanilla. On a side note, I made another chiffon cake that day as well before making the soufflé, also in vanilla flavour and it turned out really well!



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Newens Tea House, Kuala Lumpur

Newens Tea House is located in the Starhill Gallery, just across the road from Pavilion Shopping Centre. It is situated in the centre court of the basement level, surrounded by high end luxury brands. This location could make you feel more expensive, or it could suffocate you, depending on how you feel. :p

The whole environment at the Tea House was quite traditionally English and it gives you an upscale feel. There was even a lady playing the harp live in the non-smoking area! Everyone around us seemed to have all ordered their afternoon tea set but we only ordered 2 petit gateaux to share.

Earl Grey Tea


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Making: Gula Melaka Chiffon Cake

My oven is finally fixed! After months of not being able to make anything at home, I finally baked a cake over the weekend using my home oven 🙂 Baking at home is different from baking at work, it is more personal and I love it!

I have always wanted to try baking chiffon cakes because they’re one of my favourite things to eat. It’s soft, fluffy and usually fragrant (my favourite flavour is pandan). In preparation for this bake, I did a lot of research and read up a lot on the tips and tricks in baking a good chiffon cake.


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Paris Food Haul!

I was in France in May for a week to attend a Valrhona training and was able to shop around Paris for half a day before coming home. There weren’t really much that I could to buy besides chocolates and macarons because those are the only things that I could bring back to Singapore. Oh, how I wish I could bring cakes and pastries back!

Pierre Hermé Macarons


No one ever goes to Paris and not visit Pierre Hermé for their lovely pastries :p . This box is so recognisable that after I posted a picture on Instagram, a friend of mine immediately knew it was from Pierre Hermé!
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