Paris Food Haul!

I was in France in May for a week to attend a Valrhona training and was able to shop around Paris for half a day before coming home. There weren’t really much that I could to buy besides chocolates and macarons because those are the only things that I could bring back to Singapore. Oh, how I wish I could bring cakes and pastries back!

Pierre Hermé Macarons


No one ever goes to Paris and not visit Pierre Hermé for their lovely pastries :p . This box is so recognisable that after I posted a picture on Instagram, a friend of mine immediately knew it was from Pierre Hermé!


The macarons was so delicious. The recommended shelf life is 3 days before they go all hard and crunchy. Even after a 13 hour flight, they still tasted so good that we demolished the entire box in one day. This was of course, to ensure they were consumed before they go crunchy! :p They were generous with the fillings and the shells were excellent, just slightly crispy and chewy. The flavours were all harmonious and it was just a party in my mouth!

Patisserie Sadaharu Aoki Paris Bonbons Maquillage



These Sadaharu Aoki chocolates were probably one of my favourites of the bunch that I bought, mainly because of the flavours that came through. I like them strong and distinct, and this was exactly what these bonbons were. If it was a raspberry flavoured piece, it tasted like there was raspberry in there! Even the wasabi flavour one was tasty! It was subtle and went well with the chocolate chosen to pair with it. Another thing that attracted me to this was the packaging, doesn’t it just look so pretty like a makeup palette? Each bonbon’s colour represented the flavours and I thought it was a nice touch.

Pierre Marcolini Pralines




I bought the bigger box as a gift and I had the smaller box of pralines to my boyfriend and I. The chocolates were rich, decadent and the mouthfeel was excellent. It was creamy and just delicious. I had the classic flavours such as gianduja and coffee. Yum!

Unknown (sorry!) – Chocolate Coated Hazelnuts


Unfortunately I have forgotten which store I got these from, which is a shame, because these tasted excellent. The hazelnuts were toasted to perfection and every mouthful was just so satisfying.

À la Mère de Famille Pralines



I bought these for my family and the feedback I got were all positive. My dad had 2 pieces!

Jacques Genin Pralines



These were probably my least favourite out of the bunch, but it was more because of the flavours I got in this assorted box arranged by the sales assistant. That was my fault. Some of the chocolates probably had some spices in there that I wasn’t as accustomed to so I didn’t enjoy them as much as the others. However, the chocolate itself was very good.

Canasuc L’Envie En Rose Sugar 


I bought this because it looks so pretty. I haven’t been able to bring myself to dissolving one in my morning coffees yet! It’s still sitting on my dresser for me to stare at :p

Kinder Bueno


I know you can get these everywhere but how could one resist a set of 6 packets for only 3.80 euros? Almost everyone on the trip bought at least one set of these!

Lindt Toasted Sesame Chocolate


These were really good, the toasted sesame added a nice flavour to the rich chocolate.

Coca Cola 


Lastly, I got these 3 cans of Coca-Colas for my boyfriend because they were special. Two of them (L and M) have no calories and sugar in them and the green one was just something that I’ve never seen so I thought it would be a good idea to buy it.

So that’s all I bought from Paris! Surprisingly, most of these chocolates were quite affordable if you do the math to work out dollar (euro) per piece. That’s how I justified all my purchases. I wish I had bought more though now that I’ve finally finished them (with the boyfriend). Now all that’s left are Kinder Buenos and Valrhona chocolates in my house but hey, artisanal chocolates are different. :p


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