Making: Gula Melaka Chiffon Cake

My oven is finally fixed! After months of not being able to make anything at home, I finally baked a cake over the weekend using my home oven 🙂 Baking at home is different from baking at work, it is more personal and I love it!

I have always wanted to try baking chiffon cakes because they’re one of my favourite things to eat. It’s soft, fluffy and usually fragrant (my favourite flavour is pandan). In preparation for this bake, I did a lot of research and read up a lot on the tips and tricks in baking a good chiffon cake.


After searching high and low, I finally settled on a recipe by My Baking Cottage – it seemed simple enough and her pictures of her cake looked promising.

Recipe – (Adapted My Baking Cottage’s recipe for a 17cm pan)

90g gula melaka
1 tsp pandan flavour
50g coconut milk
3 egg yolks
18g cooking oil
1g salt
70g cake flour
3 egg whites
1/8 teaspoon cream of tartar
20g caster sugar


Some of the ingredients for this cake


1. Melt gula melaka, pandan flavour and coconut milk in a pot on low heat. Cool mixture.



2. Combine egg yolks, cooking oil, and salt with the gula melaka mixture with a spatula. Fold in sifted cake flour.


3. Whip egg whites with cream of tartar until soft peaks form. Gradually add sugar and whip until stiff peak. SAM_2878


4. Mix in 1/4 of meringue into the gula melaka batter with a spatula. It is okay to knock out some air at this stage in order to lighten up the batter.

5. Gently fold the remaining meringue into the batter until combine. Pour batter into a 17cm chiffon tin and bake at 150c for 30 minutes (fan oven). Do not grease the pan.SAM_2879


6. Invert baking pan on a funnel to cool.


7. Use a spatula to scrape the sides of the pan to loosen the cake. Try to scrape as close to the pan as possible.


8. Cut the cake and enjoy! SAM_2882

The result:

Something went wrong with my bake and the resulting cake was quite dense and heavy as oppose to light and fluffy. The texture resembled a Japanese sponge rather than a chiffon cake which was very disappointing. After some troubleshooting online, I think the causes could be:

  • My oven temperature was too low in initially. I did set it at 150c but when I remembered to check my oven temperature, it was roughly 15c lower so I had to play around with the oven temperature during the entire bake.
  • I knocked out too much air while I was folding. I was very gentle in my folding so I am not sure if this is the reason.
  • I over whipped the egg whites.
  • The lack of baking powder in this recipe. Chiffon cakes are usually leavened by the whipping of egg whites without any artificial leavening agents. However, I suspect that due to the heavier nature of some of the ingredients in this recipe such as the palm sugar and coconut milk, perhaps 1/8 teaspoon of baking powder would have helped.

Anyhow, I think this was quite a good first attempt. I will try making chiffon cake again using a different recipe and play around with different flavours. 🙂




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