Newens Tea House, Kuala Lumpur

Newens Tea House is located in the Starhill Gallery, just across the road from Pavilion Shopping Centre. It is situated in the centre court of the basement level, surrounded by high end luxury brands. This location could make you feel more expensive, or it could suffocate you, depending on how you feel. :p

The whole environment at the Tea House was quite traditionally English and it gives you an upscale feel. There was even a lady playing the harp live in the non-smoking area! Everyone around us seemed to have all ordered their afternoon tea set but we only ordered 2 petit gateaux to share.

Earl Grey Tea


Firstly, I have no idea why they selected orange as the colour for this cake. That should have been a warning sign for us to not choose this cake. After eating the entire slice, I felt like the pastry chef have forgotten the Earl Grey in this “Earl Grey tea” cake. I can say that the flavour is pretty much non existent. Understandably, Earl Grey flavour is very subtle, but other patisseries have made it work before so why can’t they? To be fair, there was a milk tea taste at the bottom mousse layer but the distinct Earl Grey flavour was just lost. All in all, this was an average cake, the texture was singular and instead of earl grey, I could only taste a citrus flavour.

Coffee Tart


Newens Tea House Coffee Tart

This was probably one of the prettiest tart that I’ve seen so far in my patisserie hopping experience! So how did it fare in the taste department? Unlike the Earl Grey Tea cake, this coffee tart really delivered in the coffee flavour, but probably a bit too much. When the tart was cut in half, the coffee fragrant was immediately present. That’s a good sign! However, when I took a bite, the extremely strong and bitter coffee flavour completely overpowered my palate. The vanilla cream on the side did help neutralise the strong coffee taste but I think it could be taken down just a notch. That being said, as a coffee lover, I do enjoy the coffee aftertaste of this tart, it felt like I was drinking a shot of espresso. The pastry could be a bit shorter but still nice and buttery. When had as a whole, the combination of the tart shell, the coffee syrup, the smooth coffee mousse and the vanilla mousse provides a pleasant but bitter coffee experience.

Prior to this experience, I also tried their passionfruit chocolate dome petit gateaux and their mixed berries cheesecake. Both were also quite nice. I think I will revisit if I get a chance to try out their other items.


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