Making: Rose Apple Tart

I love a good apple tart – buttery pastry coupled with apples that have been marinaded in cinnamon, sometimes nutmeg and lemon juice is just perfect. When served warm with ice cream, it makes an already amazing combination even better!


Over the weekend, I wanted to make something simple because I was feeling a little lazy, but I still wanted to bake something. After searching through the internet, I came across these apple flower tarts by Not Quite Nigella and they immediately caught my attention. These looked not only delicious, but also appealing to the eyes! So rose apple tarts it is for this weekend!

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Making: Japanese Strawberry Shortcake Take 2

It is no secret that I love eating strawberry shortcake. I love cake, I love strawberries, I love sweet cream… so, I love strawberry shortcake! In February this year, I made a strawberry shortcake for the first time for my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day and it’s turned into one of his favourite cakes to eat. When I was thinking about what cake to bake this weekend, he immediately jumped at the shortcake idea.


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Patisserie Hopping in Paris

I was in Paris in May this year for a Valrhona training and as part of the program, we got to visit quite a few patisseries on our last day. It was probably one of the happiest days of my life in 2015 so far because the pastries in Paris were simply amazing. I was fortunate enough to try a bit of everything from many patisseries because there were so many of us and it was a great way to end an amazing learning tour.


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