Patisserie Hopping in Paris

I was in Paris in May this year for a Valrhona training and as part of the program, we got to visit quite a few patisseries on our last day. It was probably one of the happiest days of my life in 2015 so far because the pastries in Paris were simply amazing. I was fortunate enough to try a bit of everything from many patisseries because there were so many of us and it was a great way to end an amazing learning tour.


L’Eclair de Genie



These eclairs were so good that we went back twice. Some of us even bought home some! I tried the citron and the salted caramel flavour. The citron eclair was refreshing but my favourite has got to be the buttery, salty sweet salted caramel. The cream was rich and delicious!

Des Gateaux Et du Pain





How beautiful are these cakes! My favourite was the strawberry petit gateaux. Not only was it beautiful to look at, it was also very nice to eat. Light sponge with nice strawberry flavour.

Le Patisserie de Reves




This patisserie has such an interesting concept where the cakes are displayed in glass domes. I tried the brioche and croissant from LPDR and they were really delicious. Nice buttery layers were so sinful but so good.

Pierre Hermé



The Plasir Sucre from Pierre Herme was to die for. The rich hazelnut milk chocolate mousse paired with crisp chocolate sheets and a crispy layer at the bottom – only one word can describe this – amazing. This is a modern day classic that many other patisseries have tried to copy  but I think the original one is always the best.



The 2000 layer mille feuille is delicious. The puff pastry was nice and crisp and the hazelnut cream layer was nice and fragrant. There were also nuts in between. Initially I didn’t think I would like this but it turned out to be quite the opposite.


Ah, Ispahan – oh Ispahan. My favourite flavour combination of lychee, rose and raspberry. This treat was just so well balanced. Slightly sour raspberries, sweet lychee and nice aroma from the rosewater. I was in heaven! Easily one of my favourite cakes I tried that day.







At the end of the day, I can confidently say that Paris surely does not disappoint in the pastry department. Most of the pastries I tried were at the very least, good, if not amazing.





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