Making: Super Easy Chocolate Lava Cake

Chocolate lava cake (or chocolate fondant/warm chocolate cake/molten chocolate cake) are usually known to be difficult to make because you need get the chilling and baking time just right to get that oozy, molten centre. This cake is decadent and sinfully rich, but it certainly isn’t difficult to make if you know the right shortcuts!


Look at that tempting molten chocolate centre! Match it with some Haagen Dazs Bailey’s ice cream and you’ll be in heaven! The warm chocolate cake together with cold ice cream are truly match made in heaven. This cake is incredibly easy to achieve and I believe anyone can make at home!

The secret to this easy to make molten chocolate cake at home is to make ganache centres for the cake! Using any recipe, make a simple ganache using cream or milk, good quality chocolate and some butter. Chill the ganache until pipeable and pipe them into blobs onto a tray and freeze them for later use.


I used disposable aluminium baking cups but you could use anything that is bakaeable I suppose. Grease the cups generously with melted butter or oil spray then coat them with cocoa powder. Set them aside until the batter is ready.


The chocolate cake recipe I used is a basic one using melted chocolate and butter, eggs, sugar and cake flour. You could use any of your favourite chocolate cake recipe and it should work. Just make sure you use good quality chocolate for the whole experience to be perfect.


Once the cake batter is ready, fill the cups half way and place a piece of frozen chocolate ganache in the middle, then fill the cups to 90% full. I baked my chocolate cake at 180c for 13 minutes until the cake is just cooked and for the middle to have a molten centre.


Once they are out of the oven, cool them for a short few minutes before inverting them onto a serving plate to serve warm. I served mine with some Haagen Dazs Bailey’s ice cream and it was perfect. Of course, you could also serve it with some whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. The cakes are best had when warm, with a cup of coffee or tea to cut through the richness.


And voila! There you have it, molten chocolate cake! This method is fail proof because the ganache will always be molten once it is out of the oven so when you cut through the cake, you will always get an oozy centre. Of course, you could always attempt the proper way of making chocolate fondants for a challenge, but if you’re pressed with time with people to impress, try this trick! As for me? I will buck up and try the real deal as a challenge next!!



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