Making: Strawberry Swiss Rolls

Swiss rolls are one of those things that I ate a lot while growing up and it’s something that I really love eating. When done right, the cake is soft and the filling is deliciously sweet and light. I have never made swiss rolls before but I do know that it is one of the pre-requisites before you can become a qualified pastry chef. As an aspiring patissiere, of course I had to attempt a swiss roll!

After searching online for recipes that I could use, I decided to use the sponge recipe by Ochikeron because it looked really soft and moist and her rolled cake looked good. Also, following my success in making her Japanese strawberry short cake, I knew her recipes are ones that I could trust.


I actually ran into a problem while making this sheet cake for my swiss roll. My first sheet cake rose and then sank dramatically while baking, leaving unsightly holes everywhere on the cake and it just didn’t bake thereafter. After researching a bit on this issue, there are a few suspects as to why that happened:

1. Overbeating my mixture. The recipe did call for egg mixture to be whisked at high speed for 5 minutes, perhaps I whisked mine for too long and did not whisk it at a low speed for long enough to set the texture. This perhaps caused there to be too much air in the batter than it could structurally support therefore sinking upon rising during the bake.

2. Incorrect oven temperature. I did preheat my oven but I did also notice a big drop in oven temperature as soon as I placed my cake in the oven. I think for next time, I should preheat the oven at a higher temperature and after opening the door to place the cake in the oven, I should then readjust the temperature to the correct one so the temperature drop doesn’t affect the bake as much.

After troubleshooting, I rectified what I suspected were the problems, and my second sheet cake came out alright. It wasn’t the fluffiest thing I’ve ever seen, but it was something acceptable that I could use to make my swiss roll. However, even after searching online and trying to troubleshoot the problem, I am still not sure why exactly the cake sank immediately after rising in the oven. Perhaps one of you could enlighten me?

That being said, the swiss roll I ended up making turned out alright. The boyfriend actually finished 90% of it in 1 day so I take that as a good sign. :p




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