Making: Dark Chocolate Eclairs with Cocoa Streusel

“What would you like for dessert?” I asked my Boyfriend.

“Eclair!” He replied.

So eclair it was! I haven’t had much luck in perfecting pate a choux, every batch seems to look different but I was determined to get this right!

I vaguely remember the textures of the choux paste to look out for in both Eclairs and choux puffs. One is softer than the other. So with this vague memory that I retained from class two years ago, I decided to venture into the eclair territory this week to test my skills (and luck) in making pate a choux!


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Making: Cinnamon Rolls

The day I decided to make cinnamon rolls was the day my apartment was filled with the beautiful aroma of cinnamon. It was perfect. I love the smell of cinnamon and cinnamon rolls make me happy. The soft but crusty roll, paired with sweet buttery cinnamon sugar filling is just perfect.

I have always been a cake girl and never dared to venture out to the bread territory because that’s just an area that I am not familiar with, at all! Proofing, yeast, kneading – these terms are all so new to me and I just wasn’t trained in bread making. However, at work recently I was exposed to making bread dough, danish dough and croissant dough that it really sparked my interest in making bread.

Bread making is quite fascinating. It is definitely not easy because you need to learn the technique of dough reading. Different doughs require you to knead them to a certain gluten level and I’m still quite new to this. That being said, cinnamon rolls are quite easy to make!


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Making: The day I tried Making (cheat) Mille Feuille 

Baking on the weekends is one of the things I enjoy and look forward to every week. Making something makes me happy and I love photographing those treats and finally devouring the pastries I end up making every week.

Work has been very busy lately and it has left me feeling uninspired with my own baking at home. Usually I will have something planned already mid week but not this week. Feeling a little frustrated with myself, I looked through my fridge and freezer for some ideas and saw that I still have a packet of frozen puff pastry!

Frozen puff pastries are extremely easy to work with and can come very handy when you’re feeling a little lazy, or uninspired – like me, today. So I thought, why not make a (cheat) Mille Feuille?

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Making: Last Minute Fruit Tarts

So I really enjoy shopping, any type of shopping excites me and I go crazy if I am in the mood to spend money. The easiest things for me to buy are fruits and snacks. They’re just so easy to grab and go. The colours are usually enticing, flavours exciting and most importantly, if they’re fruits, they are healthy too.

I get shopping crazy sometimes and end up with punnet of fruits in the fridge gone uneaten for days. There’s only so much fruits you can eat without getting sick of them and sometimes, the busy lifestyle gets the better of me and I forget these healthy snacks that are in my fridge.

This weekend, when I opened my fridge I “discovered” week old raspberries and blueberries. They looked very inviting but also expiring, I didn’t want to eat them on their own and didn’t have any yoghurt to go with, so I thought why not whip up some quick sweet pastry tart shells to transform these beauties into tarts!


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