Making: Last Minute Fruit Tarts

So I really enjoy shopping, any type of shopping excites me and I go crazy if I am in the mood to spend money. The easiest things for me to buy are fruits and snacks. They’re just so easy to grab and go. The colours are usually enticing, flavours exciting and most importantly, if they’re fruits, they are healthy too.

I get shopping crazy sometimes and end up with punnet of fruits in the fridge gone uneaten for days. There’s only so much fruits you can eat without getting sick of them and sometimes, the busy lifestyle gets the better of me and I forget these healthy snacks that are in my fridge.

This weekend, when I opened my fridge I “discovered” week old raspberries and blueberries. They looked very inviting but also expiring, I didn’t want to eat them on their own and didn’t have any yoghurt to go with, so I thought why not whip up some quick sweet pastry tart shells to transform these beauties into tarts!


Tart shells are easy to make. They’re just a combination of egg yolks, icing sugar, butter, cake flour and salt. Mix them all up and you’ve got a soft dough ready to be chilled. I added some vanilla seeds into my dough to give it that extra oomph and the sense of luxury. :p


Once the dough has been chilled, I rolled it out and lined my tart rings. I do still need to work on my tart lining skills though, it’s a bit rough and thick. A 300g dough is more than enough to line 6 mini tart rings!


Once they’re ready, preheat your oven to 180c and blind bake them. You could use blind baking beans or rice wrapped in baking safe cling wrap for about 20 minutes or until done.


You could then fill these tarts with the fillings of your choice. It could be caramel, chocolate ganache, fruit curd or like I did, pastry cream and fresh fruits! These are so delicious to eat and beautiful to look at as well.


Bon appetit!


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