Making: The day I tried Making (cheat) Mille Feuille 

Baking on the weekends is one of the things I enjoy and look forward to every week. Making something makes me happy and I love photographing those treats and finally devouring the pastries I end up making every week.

Work has been very busy lately and it has left me feeling uninspired with my own baking at home. Usually I will have something planned already mid week but not this week. Feeling a little frustrated with myself, I looked through my fridge and freezer for some ideas and saw that I still have a packet of frozen puff pastry!

Frozen puff pastries are extremely easy to work with and can come very handy when you’re feeling a little lazy, or uninspired – like me, today. So I thought, why not make a (cheat) Mille Feuille?


This (cheat) Mille Feuille was extremely easy to make. All I had to do, really, was cut up some puff pastries and whip up some pastry cream, assemble and they’re ready to be eaten. One mistake I did make though, was forgetting to poke holes in the puff pastries. Poking holes in them means they don’t puff up too much because the holes let steam escape. But it’s okay, the end result was still perfectly crisp and buttery pastry and it tasted pretty good with my chocolate pastry cream.

I am a little frustrated with myself this week for feeling uninspired regarding baking at home because it is something I truly enjoy every week. After scrolling through numerous pages on Pinterest and Instagram, I still couldn’t decide what I wanted to make this week that I had to wander to my fridge to scramble for something to make!

This lack of inspiration, or motivation (maybe) is probably a result of an overly busy week at work. I finished work past 7pm most days and I’m just exhausted at the end of every day. Granted, I do bake every day at work but the enjoyment at home as a hobby is an entire different thing!

After baking these so called Mille Feuille, I did feel a little better and ideas for future bakes came flowing through. So I guess “cheating” is good sometimes, after all!


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