Life 101: “Anything can happen, at any time!” 

“Anything can happen, at any time… What do I do now? Should I be doing this to avoid that?” 

The quote in the title may seem blatantly obvious to you about how life works, but at a point in 2014, this was my mindset and it really affected me negatively. I felt so uneasy and paranoid that I just couldn’t live properly. In one of my sessions with my psychiatrist back then, I shared it with her and she said to me, “yes, May Ling, that is true”, but there are different ways to look at that phrase. 

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Learning: Korean Buttercream Flowers – Nana Class

Edit: I have since been practising and made a short video on how to pipe roses!

I am always on a hunt for new ideas and Instagram is the first place I go to get some inspiration. Recently, I’ve seen a lot of buttercream flower cakes and they’re very pretty! After a few YouTube videos, I decided that I needed a proper class to master the basics. 


One of the Instagram accounts I always swoon over is NanaCake’s. Her photos are beautiful, flowers gorgeous and arrangement are always amazing. She also does classes all over the world so I was keeping my fingers crossed for when she would announce a Singapore or Malaysia class!

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