Learning: Korean Buttercream Flowers – Nana Class

Edit: I have since been practising and made a short video on how to pipe roses!

I am always on a hunt for new ideas and Instagram is the first place I go to get some inspiration. Recently, I’ve seen a lot of buttercream flower cakes and they’re very pretty! After a few YouTube videos, I decided that I needed a proper class to master the basics. 


One of the Instagram accounts I always swoon over is NanaCake’s. Her photos are beautiful, flowers gorgeous and arrangement are always amazing. She also does classes all over the world so I was keeping my fingers crossed for when she would announce a Singapore or Malaysia class!

Set of tips, flower nail, nail holder, and an apron to bring home

Set of tips, flower nail, nail holder, and an apron to bring home

A few months after that I saw on Instagram that she was coming to Singapore! Without hesitation, I registered straight away. It was very expensive (Sgd 1200) for a two day course but after my classes, I feel that it is definitely worth every penny.


The class went on for 2 days (9am-4pm) and it was very hands on. Nana would first do a demonstration on how to pipe each type of flower, then we started having a go at them ourselves. The thing I love about Nana is that she actually goes around the class and help each of us, one by one. She would always hold our hands to help us get a feel on how to pipe each flower for our first flowers of each type! I found that extremely useful because it’s easy to just watch someone pipe but it is something else when you see it right in front of you and moving your hands yourself!


The flowers we covered in both days include roses, flower buds, apple blossom, chrysanthemum, open peony, closed peony, ranunculus, daisies and leaves. They all varied in levels of difficulty but I think once you get the hang of piping roses, the rest will just come with practice.


I had some experience piping something about 20 roses before this class so I got the hang of piping Nana roses quite quickly and the first day went quite well for me. The second day, however, was a lot more difficult because the open peonies were actually quite hard to pipe! They didn’t really look that good but I’m glad that I gave it a go!

The classes were not just about piping flowers, we also learned about mixing colours and most importantly, floral arrangement.


On the first day, we learned the crescent style and on the second day, we learned the blossom style. Both styles were quite difficult for me because I found it quite hard to visualise what I want to see on the cake and subsequently executing them on the cake itself. The arrangement technique is something I would like to master one day as it can really transform mediocre flowers to something photogenic!



At the end of the day, although this class was very expensive, I feel that it was worth every cent because of the experience you get from learning with Nana. She is a very patient and good teacher. I would definitely recommend her classes to anyone interested in piping flowers!




24 thoughts on “Learning: Korean Buttercream Flowers – Nana Class

  1. Beautiful work!! I wanted to join the class sadly I was away. Then I wanted go to Bangkok to take her class where she was suppose to teach but they cancelled saying that she is not a good teacher and a lot of student complained. I gave up on her till now,your feed back is very helpful. Are her tips/ nozzles different than the normal ones? Did you take the normal or intensive course.

    • Hmm I’m not sure why students would complain, she was a very good teacher to me and everyone’s work turned out looking great. As for her tips, she did mention that the Wilton tips made in Korea are slightly different from the ones made in China (which are the ones widely available now). For example, the rose tip she gave us is slightly curved at the end compared to the Chinese tips.

      I took the basic class

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  3. I am so intrigued by all the flowers I saw.. but the huge cost is hampering my decision 😦 Alot of ‘what ifs’ is in my mind.. I heard that to get the effect, these flowers can only be piped using Korean butter? dId u taste your own cake? how is the taste like? Wah.. i am really tempted to just sign up!

  4. your flowers are beautiful. are you adding any extra ingredient to italian buutercreamto make flowers . also is the quantity of butter more than sugar, I am from india. i have no way of learning this. please help.

  5. Hi. I have just signed up for her Singapore 4day class to be held in Feb 2017. I would like to know if you also receive notes with piping details. As I am aware that she teaches quite a few different flowers during the 4 days.

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