Sometimes, love just isn’t enough.

It’s true. Sometimes, love just isn’t enough to bring you across the difficult times in the kitchen.


You could love what you’re doing but it may not take you to where you want to be. The love for what you do usually is one of the basis for success. Without it, you won’t have the drive to enhance your skills and gain more experience. However, love can only take you this far.

Recently, I have discovered that love is different from passion. To be passionate about something is more than loving what you do. It involves the drive to work extremely hard to achieve a goal that is aligned with what you love. You could enjoy doing something, but when failure comes, I find that passion is the one that brings out resilience in a person.

Failures in the kitchen are quite common when you are trying to develop or to trial a recipe. There are so many factors which will affect the final outcome that sometimes even after careful studies, I still have no clear idea of what caused something to fail. In the past, I feel that I don’t deal with failures very well. Oftentimes, I let it get in my head and cloud my judgments that in the end, I just let it slip and not do anything about it.

Baking doesn’t involve luck. It is a science and there is a reason behind every success or failure. I feel that I have grown from just loving baking to being a little more passionate about it. In the past, I think I enjoyed the process of mixing a batter, baking and then eating the baked goods. When something doesn’t work out back then, I just let it slide and find a different recipe. However, in the past couple of months, I feel that my love for baking has increased and that perhaps now, I can consider myself to be passionate about baking.

What has changed? Perhaps it’s my attitude, perhaps it’s my situation, perhaps my love has just grown.

It used to be just a hobby that is therapeutic and took me away from the realities of life. But now I feel that I’ve grown to love this more and more that I feel passionate, even (and especially) about the failures, that I try a lot harder to solve the mysteries of baking fails.

I guess working in R&D has forced me to make a decision in my life – do I love baking? or do I love baking… And I have decided that I’m closer to loving baking than I am to just loving baking. Baking is hard work, and I have decided to embrace it with my whole heart and work on improving my skills in and outside of work.


Share your thoughts! x

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