Tutorial: How to Pipe Buttercream Roses

Hello! Happy Monday, everyone!

My buttercream flowers class post has been one of my most popular posts since I published it and many Google search terms also lead to that post. This shows that many of you are actually very interested in learning about piping roses!


With that in mind, I decided to make quick video on how to pipe buttercream roses using Italian meringue buttercream for you all!

Hope you enjoyed this video 🙂


14 thoughts on “Tutorial: How to Pipe Buttercream Roses

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  2. The buttercream looks very stable and.shiny , does.it.use.shortening. Would you consider sharing or maybe selling the recipe. tq

    • No, just pure butter. It’s an Italian meringue buttercream. I can’t share the recipe but you can search online for Italian meringue buttercream and you should get quite a number of recipes to try out.

      It’s pretty much bringing sugar and water to 120c, pour gradually into whisking egg whites, whisk til cool to touch then slowly add cold, cubed butter and whisk on Med-high speed until the buttercream forms.

      It will look like its split for a while after you add the butter but if you keep whisking, it’ll all come together.

  3. Oh, I really love your roses! They’re so clean and smooth! May I ask how do you get italian meringue to be stiff enough to pipe roses? I find it often becomes too soft in our humid weather!

    • You need to make it into a buttercream by adding butter to it. Look for an Italian meringue buttercream recipe. Also you shouldn’t put too much buttercream in the piping bag each time as your hands will warm the cream up. Once u feel that the cream in the bag is soft, put that in the fridge and get new cream.

      • Ah thank you for replying! My bad, I meant to type italian meringue buttercream, not italian meringue. I did try an italian meringue buttercream recipe but when I tried piping with it, the petals were so soft they would flop over! =(

      • I whipped my egg whites to soft-stiff (not fully stiff) peaks before adding the sugar syrup. After adding the sugar syrup, I let it beat for 12-15 mins until it was cooled down before adding the butter!

        Perhaps my mistake is not beating the egg whites to stiff peak then >.<

      • Nope, I let it sit at room temperature for a while so it was softish. It would squish if i pressed it too hard. Oh my, I’m so sorry to trouble you! Maybe I should just try again and pray really hard while I’m at it haha.

  4. Excellent flowers. I am from kerala india. I searched for many italian meringue buttercream recipes. Each one has different ratios of butter to sugar to eggwhite. Do you use butter double of eggwhite or less,

  5. Hi…ur roses r looking awesome. I used to make Italian meringue buttercream(imbc).but it’s not stable like urs. I heard that a twist in mixing technique for making imbc for korean flowers..also I saw a video of making imbc.but in that video chef is whipping meringue butter mixture upto a firm solid consistency. .as u studied this technique, can u guide me please. .Thanks in advance.

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