Standing up against my own thoughts 

I know I write a lot on how to stay positive and the importance of it but there are days where I feel like I can no longer keep my head up high and stay positive. It’s not that something has happened in my life but sometimes, it’s just too difficult to fight against the negative thoughts that linger in my head. 

“I’m not good enough!”

“I don’t have the skill!”

“I don’t know what to do!”

“I’m not the right person!”

made shiny chocolates after many doubts

It’s one thing to have the ability to perform and produce quality output but it’s another thing to be able to really “see” that the outcome are the results of my hard work. 

“It’s not me, it’s so and so…”

“It’s an easy task, anyway”

“I didn’t do anything.”

I find myself constantly saying things to that effect and it really affects my overall self esteem when I come to think about it. Although I may not produce quality results every single time but it doesn’t mean the ones that turn out well are just flukes!

It is time for me to recognise that I can achieve things and that I should fight off all those lingering negative thoughts of “you’re not good enough”. 

There is a reason behind every successful outcome and none of them will be out of pure luck. It is important for us all to realise that it is okay to pat yourself on the back when something goes well. It is okay to take credit where credit is due and it is okay to feel good about it. 

If things turned out to be bad and it is the result of your actions, then fair enough – take the blame but there is no reason to belittle yourself all the time. 

Being positive is one of the main factors in enabling us to achieve more success. One of the main ways for us to stay positive is to counteract the negative thoughts in us that linger at the back of our minds.

Putting ourselves down constantly will push us to a new height, to a certain extent but it will also affect our self-value. I feel that to be able to achieve better things, we need to actively fight against ourselves in terms of the negative thoughts and soldier on!

Hopefully I’ll keep all these in mind in my next endeavours at work and in my personal life and not let the negative feelings affect myself too much. 


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