Making: Matcha Choux Puff

I think I’ve documented my struggles with choux puff on this blog a couple of times and I’m happy to announce that I finally produced something of a standard I can accept a few weekends ago! 

My craquelin layer was thin, my puff was hollow and dry on the inside and my custard cream was smooth and delicious. All the criteria that I think are important, were met to a certain standard. 

Obviously, there are still a lot of room for improvements but for now, I’m happy. 

Previously, my craquelin layer was very thick and my puffs never rose to the height that I was looking for. They were nice and round (credits to the craquelin) but I suspect one of the reasons they didn’t rise as well was also because of the craquelin being too thick and heavy. 

This time round, I made sure I rolled the craquelin really thin, probably 1-2mm thick, and it worked in that respect!

Another issue that I always had was to do with the choux paste itself. How long do I cook the dough for? How much egg do I add? But I feel that I managed to get the right balance this time round.

I did do some research in books and online and my findings are as follows: 

1. Oven temperature was too high for the one tray of puffs I was always baking, causing random cracks even with craquelin on top. 

2. Not cooking the choux paste enough and subsequently not incorporating enough eggs to provide it the rise it needed. 

So with that, I baked my choux puff at a low temperature of 150c for the initial stage, and then turned it up to 165c to further bake it and dry it out. 

The results I got weren’t as pretty as Chef Eddy‘s but at least they were pretty enough to look at, dry enough to touch, and pleasant to eat.

Voila, a matcha choux puff that is of a satisfactory standard is born! 


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