Making: Matcha Choux Puff

I think I’ve documented my struggles with choux puff on this blog a couple of times and I’m happy to announce that I finally produced something of a standard I can accept a few weekends ago! 

My craquelin layer was thin, my puff was hollow and dry on the inside and my custard cream was smooth and delicious. All the criteria that I think are important, were met to a certain standard. 

Obviously, there are still a lot of room for improvements but for now, I’m happy. 

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Making: Dark Chocolate Eclairs with Cocoa Streusel

“What would you like for dessert?” I asked my Boyfriend.

“Eclair!” He replied.

So eclair it was! I haven’t had much luck in perfecting pate a choux, every batch seems to look different but I was determined to get this right!

I vaguely remember the textures of the choux paste to look out for in both Eclairs and choux puffs. One is softer than the other. So with this vague memory that I retained from class two years ago, I decided to venture into the eclair territory this week to test my skills (and luck) in making pate a choux!


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My Battle with Choux Puffs

I have never taken any interest in making choux puffs before. However, I was assigned the very task of making choux puffs at work recently and it’s been a very frustrating journey yet! Prior to that, I attended a class on choux pastry 2 years ago and have never made them since then so I was quite nervous.


They are not as unstable as macarons but they’re not easy to master either. My success rate so far has been 70%, the 30% of failures has pretty much been unexplained but I suspect it is due to the amount of evaporation, egg content and the oven settings. There are so many factors which affect whether something goes well in a bake that one really needs to invest the time to study in order to obtain an answer.

There are pressing deadlines at work so I really don’t have the luxury of time to figure things out bit by bit, so we recipe hop until we find one that works. That being said, I think I am getting closer and closer to the answer.

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