Making: Almost There Triple Caramel Tart

You know the thing with baking? It can take you anywhere.

It always starts with an idea, and then it plays out and you never know where it’ll take you until you’ve completed the whole product. This isn’t always the case since baking is a science and everything happens according to plan if you follow a recipe, but if you’re creating something as you go, then it is interesting to see where an idea can take you.


A couple of Sundays ago, I had an idea in mind – I wanted to make a tart. I didn’t know exactly what tart to make but I knew I wanted to make a tart for sure. I played with the idea of making a raspberry chocolate tart because that is a flavour combination that I was familiar with and also had the ingredients for, but as the day went by, my ideas changed and this “Almost There Triple Caramel Tart” was born.

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Making: Vanilla Passion Entremet

Last year, I made a few of this “Vanilla Passion” entremet for friends and family on different occasions. This is a cake consisting of vanilla mousse, creme brulee insert and a passionfruit cream insert on top of a coconut cake. I really like the aesthetics of the end product and thought I would share it with you here 🙂


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Chez Shibata, Shanghai (柴田西点)


I visited this place on a Saturday afternoon and the place was packed with dine-in customers。 Although it was already 4pm, the display cabinet was still kept quite full. I am guessing Chez Shibata receives quite a lot of orders in addition to their walk-in customers as there were at least 6 staffs in the kitchen.

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