Embracing the past, appreciating the present, looking forward to the future!

“Ups and downs”

I know that is normal in life but for me, they are often magnified and blown out of proportions in my head.

I don’t think I am ill anymore, but it is just something that I will need to continuously work on in order to improve the way I handle situations in life.

It is in me to feel like I’m responsible for everything, it is in me to feel that everything is urgent, it is who I am to cry over things that I feel attached to, it is also sometimes in me to feel like disappearing will make all the problems go away.

I know “…but that’s who I am!” is not an excuse because we grow as a person after every single experience. However, I also know that evolving something fundamental takes time.

I’ve been told that I am too harsh on myself, and after quite some battle, I think I finally agree.

It doesn’t matter what title I give myself, a daughter, a girlfriend, a friend or a chef, I am still human, and it is normal to be able to feel emotions and be affected by them.

So I guess at times where I feel overwhelmed by something, I should:

  1. step back, look up and appreciate the fact that I am still breathing;
  2. calm down, think logically and see the big picture; and
  3. know that it is okay, because I can only get better from here.



Life 101: 5 Things that I’m Grateful for Today

Happy Monday! I woke up today feeling positive and happy so I thought I’d share this positive energy with all of you.

Things didn’t go so smoothly for me last year, especially towards the end. So now that I am feeling “normal”, and really happy again, I feel that I should document the 5 things that I am really grateful for on this blog as a reminder to myself to always be happy and positive.


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Announcement: Moving to Singapore!

My boyfriend and I have received some great opportunities to work in Singapore so we’re about to pack up our lives here in Melbourne, and make a big move to Singapore!

I’m nervous and excited at the same time! Excited for a new chapter of our lives together but also nervous because we are moving into a new environment and starting new jobs. Too many changes may put stress on our relationship but I have faith that we will be more than okay!

Whatever it is though, I am excited for this new beginning with the boyfriend and am excited to share my Singaporean adventures with all of you when I am there!

Personal: May Ling Chen (1990-now)

* Please guys: I am educated (Monash University) in so many ways – official education & life education that is the society. But I also like to joke (Robin Williams reference) – so before you decide to send me a personal Whatsapp, Wechat, Facebook, Instagram, WordPress and Gmail message, step back & imagine yourself in my position or click on my disclaimer if you must. I say personal because obviously, if I gave you my private contact details, I have higher expectation from you than say, strangers/anonymous Internet users, to understand me just a little more. That said: if you are just having a bad day, imagine me saying this in the happiest tone you can ever imagine from a person working in retail. 

My motto now: seize the day; carpe diem; yolo – whatever floats your boat guys, just don’t do anything silly. 

So, this is how I like to categorise my life so far (because I am ONLY 23 guys, not even 24!) in my brain (Mayo Clinic – How Brain Works) :

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Personal: About me

*This post really reflects my thinking process. I am not planning to edit it. I owe it to no one. If you even remotely “care” about me, please, do me a favour, read this/skim this/scroll through this… because there are a lot of things that I would like to achieve and try from now on, life is seriously way to short to be wasted on people you don’t love, things you don’t love… and anything else you don’t love. I may or may not delete this down the track, but for now, I will leave this up until the end of this week. 

I am really new to this whole public/online persona thing, I am not in this for the money, the sponsorship, (or the equivalent)… I am in this because I feel that I need to find likeminded peers, whether in Melbourne, or anywhere else in the world. I usually edit my posts on this website to the best of my abilities before I hit (or even after I hit) publish, therefore I may sound more articulate in my past (and future posts – if you’re reading this sometime in the future) posts on this website. I don’t owe anyone, and I mean anyone but my closest family (which includes blood family, and my chosen familyany explanation. But I feel that, in what I am trying to do, at this stage of my life, I need to make this post, as it will enable me to just link it to anyone who asks me questions about myself, and I simply do not have that much time in my current schedule …. to give you a long winded explanation about my background. 

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